I reference your article of May 6, "UM Shore Regional Health gives back to help those in need of healthy food."

We were very pleased to read of the partnering between Shore Regional Health with the Maryland Food Bank Eastern Shore. We are so appreciative of the work both Shore Health and the Maryland Food Bank are doing for our region. Thank you both.

Jennifer Small, Maryland Food Bank, director of Regional Services Eastern Shore, accurately describes the challenges of food insecurity during the current conditions caused by the pandemic. We hasten to add that we see perhaps an even greater challenge to donations, food supply and distribution over the coming year as the crisis wanes but long-term effects linger and intensify. We anticipate that our neighbors who are already struggling will face even greater hardships over the coming year. We are hopeful the partnerships and support will continue well beyond the crisis.

On behalf of our board of directors, we would also like your readers to know that Saint Martin’s should be added to your list of food pantries serving the same Eastern Shore counties as U.M. and the Food Bank. Since 1983, Saint Martin’s has provided a safety net for individuals and families living in poverty. Offering an array of services through a single point of entry to address immediate and long-term needs, Saint Martin’s offers four assistance programs — a family sShelter, an emergency food pantry, homelessness prevention services and a thrift store.

We typically provide some 20,000 pounds of food to 250 families (over 1,000 people) each month. Since the advent of this current crisis, we have been working with our local partners and government agencies to continue to provide food to anyone who needs it. We have also partnered with the Caroline County Public Schools to distribute free breakfast and lunches from our site.

All our food pantry services are being provided by curbside pickup and delivery to vulnerable clients to minimize personal interaction. We remain open Tuesday through Friday and by request to accommodate changing needs of families during this time. Please call Odette Boyce at 410.634.2537 ext. 111 to make an appointment for pickup at our site at 14374 Benedictine Lane, Ridgely, Md.

Thank you for sharing this information with your readers.

Deborah Hudson Vornbrock

Executive Director, Saint Martin's

Rick A. Lincicome

Co-Chairman, Board of Directors

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