I am writing on behalf of Habitat for Humanity Choptank to announce the “Habitat Build Challenge” that will take place amongst various businesses and government entities in St. Michaels. Spearheaded by Jaime Windon, town council member and proprietor of Lyon Distilling in St. Michaels, the Habitat Build Challenge will invite a business or governmental entity in the St. Michaels area to send a team for a day of work at the Habitat/Brooks Lane project or to write a check in support of that effort. Each team, in turn, will challenge another business or governmental entity to do the same. The first such business to do this will be Lyon Distilling — its team of 10 will be working at the site on March 12.

Our hope is that the Habitat Build Challenge will engage many businesses and governmental entities in St. Michaels to help address the need for affordable housing in our community. As Ms. Windon has stated, “The Habitat/Brooks Lane project presents the opportunity to bring our community together in a way that channels the generosity of our business and community leaders and benefits the entire St. Michaels community in a tangible and meaningful way.” Look for further announcements on the Challenge as we proceed toward the completion of this project.

Founded in 1992, Habitat for Humanity Choptank has built more than 84 homes in its Talbot/Dorchester County service area, including 13 in St. Michaels. The Brooks Lane/Chester Park neighborhood includes another seven homes, plus one across the street, which will bring more working families to St. Michaels. Thus, Habitat supports St. Michaels. We challenge the community to return the favor by supporting our projects in St. Michaels.


St. Michaels

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