A search of our Congressman Andy Harris’ background — a search for some answers as to why he does the things he does — reveals he grew up in New York and attended Regis High School on the upper East Side of Manhattan, just off Park Avenue. I know a little about that school: A Lockheed engineer I knew, son of a Brooklyn fireman and once a true love of mine, went to Regis on a scholarship.

Regis High School was founded by and is run by Jesuits, an elite order of Catholic priests, renowned as the great scholars and teachers of the Catholic Church. Dictators can’t stand Jesuits; over the centuries they have routinely run them out of their countries.

The Jesuit motto is Ad Majorem Dei Gloria ("For the Greater Glory of God"). If I’m not mistaken, young Andy had to write the initials for that motto — AMDG — at the top of every paper he turned in at Regis. This was supposed to remind the boys of what they were charged with in exchange for their fine education.

Two years ahead of my engineer at Regis was another Brooklyn boy, Tony Fauci. Dr. Anthony Fauci needs no introduction. For months now, we have daily seen him as the physician cum babysitter patiently pacifying a 3-year-old in a man’s body while still speaking truth to ignorant power — glorifying God by doing his best to keep his fellow human beings alive.

Dr. Andy Harris, on the other hand, stands out as a Trump yes man. In the 116th Congress, Harris has voted 98.6% to uphold the policies of his appalling master. A few highlights from a long list: He has consistently voted against humanitarian or disaster relief in general while supporting the building of Trump’s border wall; he has voted against ending the assistance of the U.S. military to Saudi-led forces in Yemen; and he has voted against preventing President Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate change agreement.

Speaking at a rally that drew protesters to Salisbury from as far away as Frederick, Dr. Harris condoned and encouraged the reckless Reopen Maryland movement, sabotaging his fellow Republican Gov. Hogan’s cautious approach to reopening the state. Trump was no doubt delighted. Primum non nocere ("First, do no harm") begins the Hippocratic Oath. Time — approximately two weeks — will tell whether harm was done.

One might say Dr. Harris has altered the initials of his old school motto to read AMTG — "To the Greater Glory of Trump."



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