In its major front page story on the grand opening of the new Easton business "Choptank Transport" on Friday, Nov. 12, the Sunday, Nov. 14, Star prominently featured Rep. Andy Harris with his picture and statements he made. Yet, nowhere is there any indication he had anything positive to do with the company's accomplishment in opening the office. He obviously likes the implied credit he gets by just appearing at the ceremony and making a few comments.

What isn't mentioned is that in the same week, Mr. Harris voted AGAINST the bipartisan infrastructure legislation (see letters by Dick Derrin and Vincent DeSanctis) that will greatly benefit Maryland business and residents, and businesses like Choptank Transport perhaps more than many others because of its primary line of business (transportation). Harris as usual put his partisan politics ahead of what benefits the people and businesses in his own district. I wonder if it occurs to him that his actions actually hurt the future prospects of this company. I'm sure he doesn't like to think of such things.

Hardly a week goes by without Rep. Harris giving us another reason to remove him from office next November.



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