It seems that every time President Trump goes on a rant about tariffs, whether he is in “negotiating” mode (e.g. China) or in threatening mode (e.g. Mexico), we get a nervous reaction from the markets and polls showing a further erosion of confidence in the economy. Yet he persists. His mutterings about what he expects to accomplish by this behavior clearly suggest that he is ill-informed and has major misconceptions about the outcome and impact of his protectionist actions and utterances.

An easy fix here would be for Congress to reclaim the Constitutional authority and responsibility imposed upon the legislative branch “... to regulate commerce with foreign nations...”.

Arguably, Trump is the most bullish tariff-monger to occupy the White House since President Millard Fillmore in the 1840s. A major difference, however, is that President Fillmore possessed the intellect to properly navigate the process through tricky and treacherous waters.



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