In these times of isolation, I experience weird thoughts as I go day after day with only my own crazy thoughts to contemplate. This being the case, here are some of my more outrageous thoughts, and I present the following to you to decide if any deserve more than casual contemplation or am I just pulling your leg.

• I feel it is one job of the intelligence community among other things to anticipate major health problems in our worldwide neighbors. Could it be that the intelligence community who hate President Trump failed to report the severity of the coronavirus in China in an attempt to take Trump down?

• In January, a photo of planet earth was taken from space. It showed the cities of China in more than detail than usual. This was due to the lack of traffic and factory activity producing smog in China due to the virus. Could the virus be the solution to global warming?

• Does everyone need a $1,000 check? How about if we had the choice to take the check ,or send it back and get a $500 tax payment instead — $500 per person less in the national debt.

I love this country and I love a good joke. Have fun. You all decide where I am crazy and where I am not.



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