I write this as an individual and proud resident of St Michaels, not as president of the Commissioners of St Michaels.

In May of last year, a small group of St Michaels residents who call themselves SMAC (St Michaels Action Committee) filed a complaint in Talbot County Circuit Court alleging that the St Michaels Ethics Commission had used improper procedure when it issued a finding a few weeks earlier.

The St Michaels Ethics Commission (comprised of three resident volunteers) found that I had not violated town ethics regulations, contrary to the claims of SMAC.

The Talbot County Circuit Court recently ruled on that SMAC complaint and remanded the issue back to the Ethics Commission of St Michaels and instructed them to hold a full hearing, with witnesses, testimony and cross examination. The rules of the St Michaels Ethics Commission state that these proceedings are to be held in closed session unless both parties agree that they be public.

I call for this upcoming hearing to be public, that it be properly and completely noticed, and that it be held at a time and in a location so that whoever is interested may attend.

I am eager to get the facts out to refute the misinformation, innuendo and personal attacks that have been perpetuated over the past several months against myself and others, and to support the prior decision of the committee. As individuals, our reputation and good name are of great value and must be protected.


St. Michaels

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