I will start this letter with a request of all who might read it. If you are willing to die in order to improve Donald Trump’s chances of being reelected, please raise your hand.

Donald Trump, our coward-in-chief, avoided his generation’s war in Vietnam by claiming that bone spurs prevented him from serving, leaving him free to fight his own war warding off STD infection (his words). Now he invokes the mantle of “wartime president” urging us to prepare, as “warriors” to accept the “sacrifices” (soft-speak for deaths) that will inevitably come with his race to prematurely reopen the economy, in order to help his reelection prospects. I, for one, don’t think his time at the New York Military High School can, in any way, be seen as having prepared him for leading this country into this particular “war.”

He has adequately demonstrated that he lacks the patience, vision, morality and intellect necessary to lead this country in any direction other than directions that appear intended to either puff up his needy ego or line the pockets of his family and friends. Donald Trump does not appear to have ever served anyone other than himself and has, therefore, never had the opportunity or interest in developing the servant’s heart, so crucial in being … and being accepted as the type of leader the majority of our nation now need and seek.

Like the toddler, who tires of its little wooden blocks and abruptly moves away leaving them strewn across the floor, Donald Trump seems to have tired of trying to master the details necessary to effectively lead us through the coronavirus outbreak. And so, he has announced that the governors are now in charge of opening their states. Most governors, in turn, have indicated that opening cannot safely occur until the scientific prerequisite of adequate testing is actually available in all of the states. To do otherwise, many of them say, would lead to a rebound of infections, hospitalizations and death. At the same time, Trump encourages and even praises the armed occupation of the Michigan State House by identity-hiding, mask-wearing trespassers demanding that the opening of their state be accelerated.

I, for one, will not drink the Trump Kool-Aid and follow him into this war, but will ignore his reckless suggestions in this regard and follow the thoughtful guidance of our articulate, compassionate and well-informed Gov. Hogan.



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