Donald Rae and his “ammunition kill people” article don't make much sense. Where does he get his logic? I have to disagree with his article. I do not disagree with him personally, because as Americans we have that right to form our own opinions. But his article I certainly do not agree with.

Where do people come up with these ideas? The ammunition has to be put in a weapon, and the weapon must be operated by a person for it to go off and kill or wound somebody. You can put a rifle on a porch with ammunition in it, and the mailman can deliver mail, the garbage man can pick up the trash, the paperboy can bring you the newspaper and the neighbor can come over, but the bullet remains in the gun, the gun remains on the porch and there it will sit until it is unloaded and carried in the house or until someone picks it up and uses it. I do not advocate leaving a loaded gun on the porch but only as an example to the reader.

A lawnmower will not cut the grass by its self, most cars will not go down the road by their self, a bow with an arrow is no good if there is no one pulling the string on the bow back and releasing it. A knife will not cut someone unless it is in the hands of someone. The point is a person must put a bullet in the firearm and aim it and pull the trigger before it will go off.

We must put the effort of this great issue into perspective. It is the person behind the gun and the ammunition in the gun that is the problem. We have two types of people behind those guns and ammunition. We have an honest citizen who uses his firearm for sports, hunting and home defense, as well for the defense of our country if need be. All the ammunition in my 60 years of hunting that I have put into a gun has never gone off unless I pulled the trigger. Then there are the people who have evil in their hearts for their fellow man. The government can take all the guns, ammunition, close all the gun and ammunition factories down, but there is still that person who has in their heart to kill, murder, maim and hurt their fellow man. As I have said before in other articles, "Evil does not obey laws."



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