Thank you for Sunday’s article on the new Bay Bridge study. I attended the open house and I wish to comment on one aspect of the study. Of the 14 original corridor alternatives, three have been retained for further analysis. Corridor 6 impacts Rock Hall and Centerville. Corridor 7 is the current bay bridge path. Corridor 8 is presented as a nonspecific broad brush graphic. It shows the path crossing the eastern Bay, entering Talbot County in the area of Claiborne and McDaniel, crossing the Miles River, proceeding along a corridor through Unionville and Longwoods to U.S. 50. The southern range of the path shows it possibly impacting St. Michaels.

The purpose of this letter is not to create alarm but to alert citizens of western Talbot County to the possibility that Talbot County could become another Kent Island. At a minimum, this requires vigilance and further discussion of its potential impact on the quality of life in Talbot County.

Details of the study and the presentation are available at


St. Michaels

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