China secreting this horrific virus for two months is deplorable, but I question so many more things in this country. If you cheat to get your child into college, you go to jail, but if you illegally come into this country, why can you go to some colleges for free? Why are so many okay with what illegal aliens cost our citizens? Two years ago, the Government Accountability Office reported that illegal aliens in the U.S. generate more expenses than federal, state and local governments — in the billions. It was also documented that in 2018 approximately 30% of those charged with serious crimes in custody were illegal aliens. Why are citizens required to show ID to buy cough medicine and enter government buildings, but illegals aren't required to show ID? Why can citizens be fined for not buying their own health insurance and then be responsible for paying $1.5 billon for free health care for illegals? Why was it OK for Joe Biden to withhold financial aid to Ukraine if the prosecutor wasn't fired within six hours, but it's an impeachable offense for Trump to inquire about it?

Why is it un-American for the Census to count how many Americans are in America?

Just as no one can begin to justify what China has done to the world, no one can satisfactorily answer why U.S. citizens are confronted and burdened with these issues!



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Most Americans agree with you and ask the same questions. Thank you for making your thoughts and concerns public.

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