To those calling it selfish and reckless to reopen our country, to the ones who compare the reopening of our country and the people who are dying from COVID-19 to abortion and blaming preachers, pastors and government officials (mainly Trump) for not crying out against reopening this country is so unbelievable.

You want a shutdown but you expect your garbage to be picked up, expect stores to be open with food supplies, expect farmers, people who process our foods, to generate our food, expect Amazon to deliver your packages while you sit at home and be safe. You expect the delivery driver to leave it on your doorstep. You want your cable and telephone to work, electricity to stay on, mail to be delivered in any kind of weather, the doctors and nurses to be there when they are needed, the police to keep doing their job of keeping you safe. The idea is some people want to be safe while others put their life and health on the line to protect them. It is a sad situation.

There is nothing patriotic about making trip after trip to Walmart and other places to get whatever you need while screaming to keep the country locked down. With common sense, we can go back to a more normal life. We can catch this virus or any virus at any time. We take a risk every day. If you choose to stay home, then do it. That is your choice. Most Americans do not want to see our country crumble. If our country goes down the tube because we are locked down, then it will only open the door to many other illnesses and problems, which will take far more lives than the COVID-19 virus.

I'm just wondering if all this crying against opening the country back up is mostly politically motivated with just a little bit of hate added in. I do not put my trust in Trump, the Democrat or Republican parties, Nancy Pelosi or any other political leader. It is in God I put my trust. Politics should have nothing to do with this pandemic, but as you read between the lines with some of the letters to the editor, you will soon see it does. If you think the shelves in the supermarkets are bare now, you had better be prepared, because if this country does not open back up, there will be no supermarkets.



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