Donald Trump misses no opportunity to blame former President Barach Obama for all sorts of imagined or demonstrably untrue missteps that further diminish him and accomplish nothing more than perhaps assuaging his sense of inferiority and neediness. In his televised announcement this weekend concerning the elimination of ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, he couldn’t help himself from tossing the barb that, “other presidents should have gotten al-Baghdadi, but they didn’t ... I got him.” Similarly, he could not contain his school-yard bravado when he detailed al-Baghdadi’s final moments as running, crying, whimpering and scared. These are details that military spokespersons doubt he could have known, even if they were true, at the moment he spoke of them to American and the world audiences. He went on to detail just who was advised of the unfolding operation to get al-Baghdadi: the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Syria, and the leadership of the Syrian Kurds. His decision to withhold this information from  Speaker of the House Pelosi based on a lame assertion that he didn’t want the information to be “leaked” is pretty questionable, since most leaks seem to be coming from the White House, but is, after all, his decision.

It would have been a clearly more Obama-like address and class act if he could have cut the bravado and controlled the random firings across the synapses of whatever was rattling around in his brain during the nearly 45 minute address and told his audiences that his first call after being advised that the operation had been a complete success, was to call, advise and console the parents of journalist James Foley, whose brutal murder was inspired by al-Baghdadi and carried out by his fanatical followers in August 2014.



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