Several times a year, the town of Easton hosts significant, large-scale events, such as Waterfowl, Plein Air and others. These events are well attended by both local residents and visitors. I believe that the sponsors and organizers of these events should provide a helping hand to Easton’s veterans organizations.

The service organizations in Easton provide year round support to both active duty personnel and their families and veterans, their families and dependent children. However, what is not widely appreciated, is the amount of financial and moral support given to the community at large. Some examples of this support include the following: financial aid to the Boy and Girl Scout programs, scholarships for students, financial support to the county fire departments, aid to hospice, support for the after-prom programs, programs recognizing first responders, and the list could go on.

The veterans organizations are able to provide this support through their fundraising activities and membership. However, the service organizations, like many other organizations, are starting to face serious challenges with respect to both fundraising and membership. We need new members and more community support for our fundraising activities.

With this in mind, I believe that a partial solution to these on going challenges is literally in front of us. During these special events in Easton, wouldn’t it be nice if space was provided to the veterans organizations to set up a table(s) for recruiting new members as well as to conduct fund raising activities. This would probably result in increased membership, as well as funds raised for the veterans organizations, and the organizations in turn would be in a better position to continue and, hopefully, increase their support to the community.

Today, thank goodness, many people openly talk about their patriotism, and on many occasions, thank veterans for their service. By implementing the suggestion made above, the sponsors and organizers for these major events would most definitely be demonstrating their patriotism and active support for the veterans. It would be a win win for both the community and the veterans organizations.



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