The horrific killing of George Floyd, Rodney King and other black men by police officers is deplorable and inhumane. Freddie Gray is not in the same conversation as he was not thrown in the police van and all 6 officers (half black) were found not guilty. Many police departments around the country ban applying force to the back of the neck. And without a doubt we need far better training for our police and better screening of prospective police officers.

But rioting, looting, stealing, destroying property, including that of African Americans is not even remotely justified. People are actually paid to engage in unlawful protests. ANTIFA is a militant. left-wing, anti-fascist political activist movement, which includes protest tactics including property damage and physical violence. Incredulously, Jeremiah Ellison is a member of the Minnesota City Council and he has openly declared his support for ANTIFA. Black Lives Matter - Fort Bend County has stated on facebook: "We will be assassinating white families until justice is served". I understand how heart broken and enraged African Americans feel about George Floyd. How four police officers could be involved in this despicable felony for eight minutes is beyond comprehension. But these examples of hatred and lawlessness only result in profound damage to race relations and cause a number of Americans to turn a deaf ear toward working for equality for all. Prominent blacks such as Colin Powell and Ben Carson need to call out these thugs, but that never happens. These hoodlums aren't protesting, they're only using George Floyd's death as an excuse to injure people, ruin businesses and take property not belonging to them from those who have rightfully earned their assets.

We need to remember that the per capita rate of police officers being feloniously killed is 45 times higher than black males being killed by police. Heather MacDonald, American political commentator and attorney also tells us that an officer's chance of getting killed by a black assailant is 18.5 times higher than the chance of a black man getting killed by a cop. But one black or one police officer killed is one too many. Hall of Famer, Ray Lewis just stated; 'The cops are killing black men like it's a hobby". This is totally disrespectful to police officers black and white everywhere, who are spit on, cursed and assaulted every single day.

Drew Brees said he would never agree with anyone disrespecting our Flag. He was strongly criticized for expressing his opinion, yet he never said those people were anti-American or not entitled to their opinion. Many Americans, especially those in the military agree with Brees.

Respect is a two-way street. Both races need to respect each other and try much harder. Protests are democratic and important, but rioting and violence will never achieve equality and a better America.



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