Some nosy reporters have found out that the Republican National Committee spent $100,000 buying up Donald Trump Jr.’s book, "Triggered," the better to assure it made the best-seller list.

And where did the RNC get the money? From donors! Donors, who sent in their little checks for $5, $10 or $25, because they can’t afford more but still believe in the party of Lincoln, the Grand Old Party. Widow’s mites and such.

Despots and dictators the world over raid the public purse to spotlight, promote and protect their kids. President Gustavo Rojas Pinilla of Colombia comes to mind. When I was living in Bogotá in 1964, the memory of the Bullfight Massacre of 1956 was still raw. After spectators booed and hissed Rojas Pinilla’s daughter at a Sunday bullfight, he spent taxpayer money for $15,000 worth of tickets and sent a goon squad to the next bullfight. This time when the booing started they bludgeoned, knifed, and shot people, killing eight and wounding 50.

Bullfighting, one has to admit, is a bad thing to bring up. That could never happen here in the United States. We don’t condone the torture of animals. But should we cut some slack for the actions of trigger-happy goons?

What’s next in the dictator playbook?



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