DENTON — The town of Denton, during a public meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 17, proposed two new playground designs for Coursey Park and 4th Street Park.

The designs include all new or updated playground structures and equipment appropriate for a range of ages, complimented by strategically placed community art, greenery and seating areas.

The proposed Coursey Park design features an oval-shaped play area divided in two by a concrete walkway, which is speckled with trees and seating.

The two separate areas of the park are designed to attract different age groups, with one side geared toward 2- to 5-year-olds and the other toward 5- to 12-year-olds.

A diagram for the park proposal explained the intent of the design is to “create a space that is open and welcoming to the residents of the community, that provides spaces for seating and interaction, and gives enough challenge to keep kids of all ages active.”

For the 4th Street Park, the conceptual master plan displays an aim to accent existing amenities, such as the tennis courts and swings.

Potential additions and upgrades include play equipment for a range of age groups, an event lawn, a community lawn and a central walking path.

The 4th Street Park design is meant to create a sense of community by including “thoughtfully designed ... elements for play, gathering, and community for users of all ages and abilities.”

Town Administrator Don Mulrine said funding for the parks’ upgrades will come from a variety of grants, both state and local, which he said he believes the town has a good chance of obtaining.

Mulrine said the projects likely will cost a few hundred thousand dollars, with just one of the park’s upgrades totaling roughly $250,000.

Despite the high price tag, Mulrine stressed the importance of upgrading the community gathering grounds. He said, “By today’s standards, the majority of the equipment there is outdated.”

Denton Mayor Abby McNinch urged residents to review the design proposal diagrams and provide feedback to the council.

McNinch said the best way to give input is to send a direct email. Email addresses for the council members and town staff can be found on the town’s website, https://www.den

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