EASTON — In spite of COVID-19 challenges, RAUCH inc.’s Whitney Bonnett’s continues to meet her educational and career goals.

Bonnett virtually graduated magna cum laude with a 3.6 GPA and earned an associate’s degree in surveying and geomatics engineering technology from Delaware Technical Community College.

“We are very proud of Whitney and appreciate the commitment that she brings to the job every day,” RAUCH inc. President Bob Rauch said. “She is an amazing example for our entire RAUCH inc. team.”

This winds up Bonnett’s survey schooling for the associates program. The path to be a registered land surveyor includes stringent requirements from the Delaware Board of Professional Land Surveyors. Requirements include two additional years of internship experience, not concurrent with her education. State surveyors are appealing to the board to relax this requirement and allow on-the-job experience to be included concurrently with meeting the educational requirements and hours already worked (not years) to count toward the internship requirement.

Bonnett will continue to work under the lead of RAUCH inc. licensed land surveyor Bill Ewald to meet the requirements and qualify to sit for the Professional Land Surveyor exam. Her future goals are to work both in the field as a professional land surveyor and, in the office, to be able to process and integrate the data she captures into her own plans.

“I am so excited to be able to have the support of RAUCH inc. to expand my knowledge base,” Bonnett said. “One of my goals is outreach to the younger generations and get them interested in the field. We need new surveyors and not enough information is relayed to younger students about this opportunity. I want to encourage the next generation to explore surveying as a rewarding career option.”

RAUCH inc. is a comprehensive civil engineering and project consulting firm. The firm offers civil engineering, project management, architectural, construction inspection, environmental, mechanical engineering, water/wastewater, grant services, energy auditing, surveying, drone aerial and thermal imaging services, and golf course design. For more information, visit www.rauch-inc.com.

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