CENTREVILLE — The Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission unanimously approved an amended final site plan for the Wells Cove II development at Kent Narrows at the March 12 meeting.

The proposed 1.715-acre condominium development is located south of Md. Route 18, east of Wells Cove Road. It is zoned Waterfront Village Center and located in the Critical Area in a designated intensely developed area.

The original site plan approved in September 2005 called for two four-unit condominiums, an outdoor pool and a three-story 8,000 sq. ft. commercial building with two commercial apartments on the third floor. The plan was amended in July 2006 to change the footprint of the condo units and review architecture and building materials. The parking lot was also adjusted and the entrance to the development moved.

The plan was amended a second time in October 2006 to change the footprint of the commercial building, revise the parking area, change the architecture and building materials on the commercial building, rotating the pool 90 degrees and changing the commercial apartments to condominium units.

The developer received a floodplain variance from the Board of Appeals on Aug. 20, 2015, allowing for the construction of some 2,700 sq. ft. of enclosed floor area, the garage area, below the lowest floor.

On Aug. 24, 2016, the plan was amended to change the second condo from four units to five and changing the layout from vertical, townhome style to a horizontal layout with one unit on the first floor, two units each on the second and third floors and a loft-like fourth floor.

At the March meeting, the developer wanted to revert back to the second amendment version, abandoning the fifth unit, and adjusting the parking islands behind the townhomes to allow bump outs to accommodate elevators in each unit. Those changes were approved with a series of conditions.

including receiving an exemption letter from the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance administrator.

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