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This de-aging technology that's all the rage nowadays in the movies is a pretty cool concept, one that could extend careers by decades. But it's not quite where it needs to be to build an entire film around it.

"Skyscraper" — part "Die Hard," part Khalifa Tower sequence from "Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol," part duct tape commercial — is patently absurd but never climbs to the heights of insanity it needs to transcend that and become something more.

Nine years after the series reached a natural conclusion, and four years after it restarted with another actor and character as the lead, we might not need Jason Bourne, but I'm certainly not going to complain that he's back.

The title "Lone Survivor" sets a grim tone from the start. Even if you know nothing of the real-life events that inspired the movie, a tragic pall hangs over even the early, light-hearted scenes depicting the camaraderie among the Navy SEALs at the story's center.

After the overblown, cartoonish mess of "The Chronicles of Riddick" (2004), writer-director David Twohy and star Vin Diesel get back to basics with "Riddick," all but ignoring the events of "Chronicles" to make a movie much more in the spirit of the original Riddick adventure, the low-budget "Pitch Black" (2000). But maybe too much in that spirit, as the new movie at times plays almost like a remake of the earlier one.