CHESTERTOWN — Kent Attainable Housing is holding orientation meetings to introduce potential homebuyer applicants to the selection criteria and process of being approved to buy a Kent Attainable home.

A session will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 2, at the yellow building behind the main building of the Kent County Public Library’s Chestertown branch.

Attendees should use the library’s back parking lot for easiest access to the yellow building.

According to a news release, Kent Attainable Housing is a new local nonprofit that builds affordable homes for families whose household income is not less than $24,000 and not more than 50% of the Kent County median income as defined by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

For example, a family of four cannot make more than $37,850 to be eligible for a Kent Attainable home. The range of maximum income begins at $26,500 for a family of one up to $43,450 for a family of eight.

Applicants are not offered a specific home until the selection committee reviews their application, verifies they meet all criteria and recommends their approval by the board.

To qualify to be a buyer for a Kent Attainable Housing home, applicants must have a need for a safe, decent and affordable home; be able to pay an affordable mortgage; and be willing to partner with Kent Attainable Housing by volunteering 50 hours of time that needs to include a homeownership workshop, financial literacy counseling and participation on the building and landscaping of their new home or another Kent Attainable home.

Applicants who are interested in buying a Kent Attainable Housing home but cannot attend an orientation meeting should call 443-282-0622 to find out when future orientation sessions will be scheduled.

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