Pump-out station at CBMM helps to keep river clean

Pictured at the pump-out station at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum are Donna Morrow of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Shawn O’Donnell, vice president of operations at CBMM. Morrow was in St. Michaels on Monday, Aug. 14, 2017, for an inspection of the pump-out station, part of CBMM’s commitment to remaining a certified Maryland Clean Marina.

EASTON — Congressman Andy Harris announced a nearly $1 million grant to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources under the Clean Vessel Act, which aims to contribute to public waterway cleanliness.

Harris said the grant “will allow the Department to work with marina owners to replace or renovate 25 existing pump-outs, install five new pump-outs and purchase one new pump-out boat.”

Pump-out stations exist for the disposal of sewage waste from boats, so they are an important tool for meeting and maintaining water quality standards.

Harris also said the funds will “assist with operations and maintenance on 100 fixed pump-outs and three pump-out boats.”

“I am proud to support clean Chesapeake waterways that sustain the sport and commercial fishing industries important to the Eastern Shore economy and way of life,” Harris said.

In addition to providing money for the renovation and improvement of pump-out stations, the grant money will go toward “education programs to inform boaters and the public about the benefits of keeping public waters clean,” according to the Department of Interior.

“Clean waterways benefit the health of fish and other aquatic life, which in turn benefits boaters themselves, as well as anglers and other recreationists,” the Department said. “So local communities can continue to thrive from the recreation economy.”

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