EASTON — Dwelling & Design is working on the Avalon Foundation’s 2018 critical renovations project at the historic Avalon Theatre.

The local business, co-owned by interior designers Don Wooters and Fiona Weeks, has been hired to provide interior design recommendations and to oversee new work on the interior spaces of the Avalon.

“The Avalon Theatre ... project includes multiple architectural, engineering and design teams. Don Wooters of Dwelling & Design was brought in by the foundation to ensure that the finished product was consistent across project elements and resulted in a significant design improvement that both respects and enhances the building’s historically important art deco aesthetic,” Al Bond, president and CEO of The Avalon Foundation, said.

New interior design plans for the venue have it returning to its appearance circa-1930s, when it was a vaudeville theatre.

“Many of the art deco elements in the theater remain from that era, while others have been lost over the years,” Wooters said. “We’ve carefully researched old photographs of the interior from the Talbot County Library’s Maryland Room historical archives. There is strong emphasis being placed on keeping everything as authentic and cohesive as possible, all of which has gone before the Maryland Historical Commission and received final approval.”

Fresh decorative painting shall see many of the recognizable elements brightened up and adorning a few new areas within the theater as well. The artisans involved will not only refurnish the existing art deco finishes but also apply protective coatings to preserve them for years to come. The overall scope of improvements includes the stage, seating, balconies, lobby, hallways, downstairs bathrooms and second floor facilities.

“We are excited to participate in this update, and know that it will create a positive experience for the audience … and all who enjoy use of this valued community asset,” Wooters said.

Work began in August, following the Avalon Foundation’s 14th annual Plein Air Festival. The project is expected to be completed by October 2018.

Wooters offered special thanks to the Maryland Room at the Talbot County Public Library.

For more project information, visit www.dwelling anddesign.com and www. avalonfoundation.org.

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