MILLINGTON — Citing the seriousness of the charges, a district court judge on Friday denied bail for the Delaware man accused of burglarizing a Millington home.

Judge John E. Nunn III also determined that Robert James Scott Jr., 31, of Harrington was a danger to the public.

Scott was apprehended Wednesday, May 29 hiding in a barn in Millington, according to court records. A police K9 unit tracked Scott to the barn in the 300-block of Hazel Lane after he allegedly fled out of a third-story window of an apartment building in the 200-block of Sassafras Street.

He initially was held without bail on charges that include burglary, theft and illegal possession of a firearm.

Friday afternoon’s bail review was held via video conference. Scott was seated in a chair in the detention center, with a pair of crutches propped up against a table.

In the courtroom were Scott’s attorney Basil Wadkovsky and prosecutor Chloe Campbell.

Wadkovsky asked that Scott be released on unsecured bond. Scott told the court that he had worked on and off over the last three years for a roofing company.

Campbell argued against release. She described Scott as “high risk” and said he has a history of failing to appear in court and probation violations.

Scott also has an active case in Queen Anne’s County, according to online court records. On May 17 he was issued a summons charging him with fraud and theft, $1,500 to less than $25,000.

His preliminary hearing in that case is June 26.

In Kent County, Scott faces 10 charges, including two counts of felony burglary and one count of felony theft, $1,500 to less than $25,000.

His preliminary hearing here is June 24 in the District Court for Kent County. At that time a judge will determine if there is probable cause to believe that Scott committed the offenses.

Sgt. Stuart M. Lodge of the Kent County Sheriff’s Office is heading the investigation.

According to a sheriff’s office news release and court records, Scott allegedly burglarized a home in the 100-block of Sassafras Street on Tuesday afternoon, May 28. Items reported taken included a Glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun, jewelry and prescription medication.

The doors to the house were closed, but not locked, according to court records. The handgun was locked in a safe with the key hidden, police reported.

The sheriff’s office estimated the total value of the items taken as $3,500.

Video surveillance from a nearby building showed a man subsequently identified as Scott carrying the Glock pistol in a case in the 100-block of Sassafras Street.

The deputies who caught the case, Deputy Jordan Proudfoot and Sgt. Sean Maloney, developed information that a man matching the suspect’s description had been seen “hanging around” in the 200-block of Sassafras Street but they did not have a name.

The following day, Sgt. Lodge began a neighborhood canvass in an attempt to identify the man.

Sgt. Lodge learned that the suspect had been staying in a third-floor apartment at 201 Sassafras St.

Police tracked the suspect to a barn at 397 Hazel Lane. He entered the barn through a hole in the wall, according to court records.

The man was identified by fingerprints as Scott. The sheriff’s office had a bench warrant for him for failure to appear in court on traffic charges.

When police searched the apartment at 201 Sassafras St., they located several hypodermic needles, nine wax folds containing a mixture of suspected heroin and fentanyl, and 10 pills that were later identified as acetominophen and hydrocodone, according to court records. It is believed that the pills were taken the day before during the burglary.

According to court records, Scott was convicted of felony forgery in Delaware in 2016. The conviction prohibits him from possessing a firearm and from transporting, wearing or carrying a handgun.

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