ANNAPOLIS — The annual sign-up period for the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s cover crop program will take place from June 21 through July 17 at soil conservation district offices statewide.

This popular grant program provides farmers with cost-share assistance to offset seed, labor and equipment costs associated with planting fall cover crops, a news release states.

This year’s program includes two new incentives for farmers. The first is the Extended Season option, which pays $15 an acre to farmers who agree to terminate their cover crops after May 1. There is also a $10-an-acre incentive for farmers who hire an airplane or helicopter to aerial seed cover crops into standing corn by Sept. 1.

The department’s program provides grants to farmers who plant a variety of small grains, brassicas and forage radish on their fields following the fall harvest. To help create diversity, eligible cover crop species may be mixed with radish and legumes including clover, Austrian winter peas and hairy vetch using a variety of two- and three-species mixes.

Eligible farmers can receive up to $90 an acre in cost-share grants to plant traditional cover crops in their fields this fall. This includes a $45-an-acre base rate and up to an additional $45 an acre in incentives.

A field inspection is required to qualify for the Extended Season incentive.

Maximum payment for aerial seeding with incentives is $85 an acre.

Applicants are required to include a completed current nutrient management plan certification when applying for cover crop grants. This form must be signed by both the farm operator and the person who prepared the farm’s nutrient management plan. Applicants can download the form from the MDA website.

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