Chesapeake Bay Trust raises funds with new license plate design

The Chesapeake Bay Trust rolled out its new license plate design last October to help raise funds for environmental improvement initiative.

GLEN BURNIE — The Automobile License Plate Collector’s Association (ALPCA) presented its Best Plate of 2018 Award to the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) and the Chesapeake Bay Trust for their new Protect the Chesapeake license plate design.

The award recognizes how license plates serve an important role in identifying vehicles, and also provide a colorful snapshot of state geography and culture.

MDOT MVA Administrator Chrissy Nizer said her organization is “honored to receive this award for this unique license plate design.”

“Today’s recognition is a great example of how creativity, collaboration and hard work can create positive benefits for both people and the environment,” Nizer said.

The 2018 Protect the Chesapeake license plate was unveiled in October and may be purchased through MDOT MVA and the Bay Trust websites.

The award-winning design was the culmination of a process that engaged Maryland-based artists and incorporated input from thousands of Marylanders, resulting in more than 250 potential designs.

TM Designs, a Frederick-based design firm and a member of the Maryland State Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, created the winning design.

More than 30,000 plates have been sold, with proceeds benefiting the Chesapeake Bay Trust as it works to restore Maryland’s shorelines, provide environmental education for students and fund the beautification of local rivers and streams.

Jana Davis, executive director of the Chesapeake Bay Trust, said she is “proud to have the Chesapeake Bay Plate honored by the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association.”

“The process to create the final product was truly a partnership of many,” Davis said. “And we accept this award in recognition of the input and effort of MDOT MVA, TM Designs, the Maryland Correctional Enterprises, law enforcement agencies and many other partners.”

ALPCA President Cyndi McCabe congratulated Maryland for winning the award, saying, “the visually appealing and highly legible embossed plate surpassed plates from 10 states, two Canadian provinces and Japan to become the top vote-getter among our membership.”

The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association is the largest license plate collector’s organization in the world, with 2,849 members from 50 states and 19 countries.

Founded in 1954, the organization is dedicated to the promotion of license plate collecting and the exchange of information and plates.

Funds raised through the sale of the Chesapeake Bay Plate help the Chesapeake Bay Trust provide about 400 grants per year to schools, faith-based organizations, civic associations, homeowners associations, watershed groups, environmental organizations and others.

For more information on the Bay Trust, go to

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