EASTON — The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Chapter 648 hosted a Memorial Day service Thursday at the Vietnam Monument at the Talbot County Courthouse.

During the ceremony, VVA Chapter 648 President Roland Boggs introduced the ceremony as one to honor veterans for their service. Boggs recognizes Memorial as every day, not just one day a year.

“We recognize our fallen comrades in our county area. This is the Memorial Day the government recognizes, but it is actually the original one.” Boggs said. “They paid the supreme price for what we shared in our freedom. And freedom as we know is not free. Please keep in mind all family members.”

A wreath was then placed by VVA 648 Member Lee Young Jr. at the Vietnam Monument. The wreath honored all Vietnam veterans who have died including: W.O. Robert Cook, S. Sgt. Edward Ayers, S. Sgt. Thomas Blades, Sp. 4 Joseph Eason, 1st Lt. Lawrence Bullen, Pfc. William Slaughter Jr., M. Sgt. Benjamin Phillips Jr., Sp. 4 Phillip Ireland, Cpl. Thurman Winston, S. Sgt. Charles Rose and S. Sgt. Gannon Milby.

Agnes Blades of Easton was pleased to see the wreath standing proudly, honoring those who have lost their lives including her husband, Thomas Blades.

“I came to not only honor my husband, but to honor all those men who have lost their lives in action in the war. The same way the VFW wants to honor their remembrance,” said Blades.

VVA CHAPTER #648 – Mid Shore Chapter welcomes all brothers and sisters who served in Vietnam between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975; or in any duty location between August 5, 1964, and May 7, 1975.

VVA’s goals are to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, to create a new identity for this generation of veterans, and to change public perception of Vietnam veterans.

VVA strives to achieve the following: aggressively advocate on issues important to veterans; seek full access to quality health care for veterans; identify the full range of disabling injuries and illnesses incurred during military service; hold government agencies accountable for following laws mandating veterans health care; create a positive public perception of Vietnam veterans; seek the fullest possible accounting of America’s POWs and MIAs; support the next generation of America’s war veterans; and serve our communities.

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