Easton Point spill

Firefighters deploy absorption pads to soak up the fuel leak in the Tred Avon River at Easton Point in May.

ANNAPOLIS — The state of Maryland is looking at new regulations for fuel and storage tanks at marinas and new incentives to encourage green and renewable energy developments on brownfield sites.

The Maryland Department of the Environment is accepting public comments on the regulatory and economic development changes.

MDE is looking at waiving redevelopment fees for clean and renewable energy projects proposed for former waste sites. The incentive could help encourage new developments in Baltimore as well as areas of the Eastern Shore and other parts of the state.

Gov. Larry Hogan and state economic developers are encouraging wind and other renewable energy projects — including on the Shore.

“Maryland is committed to clean and renewable energy progress and a thriving green economy,” said Maryland Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles. “By waiving certain fees, we can boost smart redevelopment at brownfield sites to meet our climate goals while conserving green fields and sensitive ecosystems. This is one of many ways to advance the Hogan administration’s environmental principles.”

Comments are open for that regulatory change through Nov. 8.

MDE is also accepting comments from small businesses, environmental groups, boaters and others on new and increased regulations of fuel storage tanks at marinas. Those comments are up through Nov. 2.

The regulations look to put more oversight of fuel storage and reduce spills.

The new state rules could include new and increased reporting requirements for fuel spills, updating state underground tank storage standards to match federal regulations, new standards for above-ground storage tanks, residential heating oil tanks and fuel operations at marinas. The state agency also wants to establish new construction and financial reporting standards related to marinas with fuel operations and storage.

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