This is Talbot County, and this is our home.

This is the place where we play, the businesses that we frequent, and the sights and sounds we wake up to everyday.

Though times may be tough, we are in this together.

There’s no doubt that together we can get through this, and come out stronger than before.

While we can’t all get out and make a difference, we can lift each other up and share our experiences through Together Talbot, an online extension of our community that is free to Join and Share to.

Whether you have a funny family video, a lifehack, or a crafting idea, a killer recipe that just needs to be shared, or even a song you can’t get out of your head.

Share your videos and tips with the rest of your community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #togethertalbot.

A new hobby, a new recipe, or even just a good laugh can make a difference in these trying times.

Show your support and become a part of your community at and sign up for free today. All members will receive Together Talbot stickers, and the first 1000 members will get Together Talbot t shirts.

We are Talbot County, and we are in this together.